AC Care Connect (CHR)

Save Lives, Get Someone Housed, and Improve the Efficiency of Care Coordination


This Fall, Alameda County’s Whole Person Care Pilot launched a Community Health Record (CHR), powered by a Social Health Information Exchange (SHIE). Named AC Care Connect, the CHR draws from the SHIE to show providers a more complete and timely whole person view of a consumer’s utilization, diagnosis, and Care Team–the other providers who share a consumer, including medical and mental health care, crisis response, substance use, housing, social services, legal services, and informal support networks.

By bringing together the data from 10 organizations, AC Care Connect displays a more connected view across sectors to accelerate care delivery. This leap in connectivity moves Alameda County beyond the previously fragmented picture of a client’s care and allows for opportunities to accelerate problem solving through shared care planning and communications.

The system includes state-of-the-art data security and only authorized users at organizations that have established consumer/provider or treating relationships have the ability to see or retrieve client information. Organizations are mapped to the appropriate policies, federal and state regulations and consumer consent, and “user roles” to ensure an additional layer of security to limit access to the consumer record.

Providers now have access to information in one place with one set of rules in a secure shared record. Consumers now have the opportunity to benefit from their providers working together to connect critical services.


For questions, please email or call 510-618-1997 to speak to a live agent.


AC Care Connect (CHR) Users

Alameda Alliance for HealthAlameda County Behavioral Health (ACBH)Alameda Health SystemAlameda Health Care Services AgencyAnthem Blue Cross
Abode ServicesBay Area Community Services (BACS)East Bay Innovations (EBI)Lifelong Medical CarePathways to Wellness
Tri-City Health Center

If you are a pCHR user and not in the first wave of users for AC Care Connect, please note that the pCHR will be phased out at the end of 2019. You will hear from us in advance of that. To reach the pCHR Help Desk, please call or email (510) 346-1096 or email