Trust Health Center Improves Lives of Underserved Population

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Alameda County has model of health care for people who are experiencing homelessness that is attracting the hardest to reach consumers. The Trust Health Center in downtown Oakland reaches the most vulnerable and underserved population with primary care, case management, housing coordination, psychiatry, health coaching, and group activities, such as expressive art and tai chi for health, all in one location. The success of Trust is due in large part to the unique model of allowing drop-in services where everyone is welcome.

More than 70% of Trust Health Center clients served have a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression, or a substance use disorder, and 60% have a trauma related disorder. Approximately 66% of the clients served are male. Meeting the needs of the Alameda County population with complex care challenges has required the center to be flexible and responsive, especially during the current housing crisis.

According to Margot Kushel, MD, Professor of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and the Director of UCSF’s Center for Vulnerable Populations, “Trust is considered best practice, operating in the spirit of ambulatory intensive care; deeply integrating behavioral and physical health, and social health services. Patients get the care they need and are able to improve. Having care ready when patients walk in seeking assistance is crucial. And Trust treats clients with dignity; no one blinks if a client hasn’t changed clothes for a week. I, as a physician, focus on getting blood pressure down; but for someone experiencing homelessness, getting clean clothes, a safe place to sleep, food… these are all crucial to health. Trust parlays [this support] into a relationship that can positively impact their client’s life.”

Trust Health Center operates under the strong collaboration of LifeLong and Health Care for the Homeless, with deep backgrounds and expertise in working with people experiencing homelessness. Trust partners with community based organizations to provide legal services for disability advocacy, intensive case management, and complex care management services.

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Sep 7, 2018