Care Connect Launches Consumer and Family Fellowship and Culturally Affirmative Practice Champion Group

During the Alameda County Care Connect Steering Committee on May 18th, Valerie Edwards, Care Connect, Director, Clinical Case Management Methods, presented the Culturally Affirmative Practice Provider Champion Group (CAPPCG). CAPPCG stakeholders are primarily direct service providers committed to improving the engagement across social divides between health care providers and consumers, particularly with consumers of African descent. The CAPPCG vets culturally affirmative strategies with consideration of feedback from consumer focus groups and other front-line providers. CAPPCG expects to codify what is learned so it can be utilized across the system. The work is designed to transform the Consumer and Family Experience.

Other consumer engagement activities that AC Care Connect is involved in were discussed during the Steering Committee meeting. Focus groups are being conducted throughout the County and the Consumer and Family Fellowship was just launched. Click here to submit applications. The consumer engagement work includes linking to job opportunities and developing a database of consumer and other community stakeholders.

View the PowerPoint presentation on Culturally Affirmative Practice: CAPPCG PowerPoint.

Jun 1, 2018